Scott Panuczak

Scott Panuczak is a fine art painter who creates work that is a direct response to nature and all its boundless power . Working primarily in oils and almost always directly from life, his works contain an expressive and deliberate use of mark making. Drafting and drawing the landscape tenaciously enables him to establish a connection with his subject and control over his media. His works include colors that are both rich and vibrant applied thickly as texture and mark become an integral aspect of his creations . Exploration of depth in a physical and spiritual context is the main focus and driving force behind his creation. Scott is in the very beginning of his quest to create art and to live a life full of expression and liberation. Influenced strongly by works of the symbolists like Munich or Van Gogh as well as the impressionist and post impressionists , throughout his young existence he finds that the mysteries provided by the vastness that is the world are all that is necessary to the creation of the work of art.Growing up on Cape Cod in the town of Orleans he has developed and passion for the outdoors that will always be an inherent part of his essence. This love of the wild and still untamed regions continue to lead him down the path of awareness inwardly and outwardly . Maintaining a stable internal cycle while always looking to steward the external cycles that provide life is his most ardent objective in life. Having graduated from the New Hampshire Institute of Art in 2012 and been shown in various shows ranging from NH to Boston and as far as the mid west, his art background is diverse and is in the process of professional growth. Currently, Scott is making art in Orleans while also seeking to travel and following his spiritual pulse to bring him to a direction of growth and discovery.

Artist Statement: From childhood nature has always been a source of liberation and escape from the absurdities of modern society. To meander through any wild undisturbed forest, or witness a golden sunset over a skyline as vast as the atlantic ocean produced feeling of transcendence and connection to the earth and it's grand mystery. As a painter I have always been interested the landscape as it provides a vast atmosphere where objects in space are stacked and compiled creating depth. This sense of profundity has always been a fascination, filling me with a feeling of awe yet also instilling a feelings of spiritual tranquillity. This drama unfolding constantly be hid behind our window curtains, whether its a frosty starlit night, on top of a snow cover mountain or muggy summer day, on a sandy beach carry a transience and singularity that speaks to mystery of life and existence. Exploring and expressing the observations of the experiencing the landscape become a foundation on which my art is cradled. Understanding depth and space in a simplified, expressive way let me communicate the spirit I relate when experiencing the “plien air”, this eternal cycle which repeats and expands throughout one single life, and over the whole length of creation that serve as my essential inspiration.