Progression of a painting

Often, Steve will document his works from his first inspiration until the completed piece.  

Here you can see Women in Motion as it progresses from start to finish. (1.3.17)




A customer came into the gallery while Steve was creating this piece...she purchased it at the very beginnings of the piece.  Steve told her she could name is the progression of: Untitled...(1.6.17)


It's so exciting to watch Steve in action.  Constantly challenging himself to push his own boundaries gives us innovative art works that keep us wanting more. The progression of Sea of Love (1.11.17)


Steve started painting an abstract and the events of the week (Women's March for Human Rights) seemed to transform themselves onto canvas. Steve says he didnt start out to capture the movement but the final product feels very much like he did.  The progression of  Women and the Universe (1.23.17)


Steve presents an abstract version of a reflection painting...Summer (2.4.17)


And now for something completely different and inspired....Progression of Mr. Klimt's Mistresses  (2.15.17)





Progression of the Sun Queen (3.5.17)


Progression of The Native (I asked my creator to outline me in white so that you might accept me) - (3.9.17)


Progression of Women at the Stream 36x24, Acrylic and Graphite (8.12.17)



Progression of Figurines on a Staircase (dolls, elephants, vases with flowers) (11.21.17)


Check back often for more works in progression!