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American Art Awards –  Steve Lyons Joins Top Winners for 2020
The American Art Awards are chosen by the 25 top galleries in the nation. This year there were nearly 2000 submissions from 62 different countries and we are thrilled to announce that Steve has ranked in the Top 5 in the world for Landscape Impressionism and Abstract.
Visit the AAA Press & Publicity page here.

Art Tour International –  Top 60 Masters – 2020
Steve Lyons’s named as one of ATIM’s Top 60 Masters for 2020!

DocOffClock – YouTube Magazine interview – A Conversation with Steve Lyons (5.2020)
While undergoing 6 weeks of cancer treatments, Steve Lyons gave an interview with a new YouTube based online magazine, DocOffClock.  The discussion with the host, who is also a physician, ranged from creativity & creating, to applying metaphor & concept in the creation of art, to his recent medical experiences.  Watch “Woman in Garden – Interview with Artist Steve Lyons”.

Watch main interview:
Watch Extended interview:

Loving New York- The New York Art Center (10.6.2019)

American Art Awards- Names Lyons 2nd in the world for Abstract Expressionism 2019

American Art Awards- Names Lyons 3nd in the world for Abstract 2019

Cape Cod Art Magazine- Emerging Artist: Nick Heaney (Summer 2019)

The IONIAN / Iona College- Gallery Exhibition Shows Women in Abstract (9.19.2019)

ARTSW Artswestchester- Women in the Abstract: Steve Lyons (8.5.2019)

Cape Cod Chronicle- Chatham Artist’s Work Stolen In Europe – Again (07.24.2019)–-Again-local-artist.htm

Wn.comWorld-Renowned American Artist, Steve Lyons, Opens European Tour of ‘Creativity Unbound’ in Sitges, Spain (08.14.2018)

Enigma Magazine- Steve Lyons: New England’s Modern Impressionist Artist. 2018

The American Art Awards named Lyons number three in the world for Impressionism Landscape (10.12.18)

ArtTour International Magazine Summer 2018 Top Artists to Watch – Presents Steve Lyons (6.15.18)

Steve Lyons and Crush Boutique celebrate the holidays, art and fashion. (11.9.17)

Steve Lyons Crushes It: Abstract Impsto Pops Up on Newbury Street. (11.2.17)

Lyons named number two in the world of Abstract Expressionism by The American Art Awards. 2017

Boston Logan, took 4th Place in Human Figures/Acrylic by the American Art Awards. (9.19.17)

Local LAND Shark Attack on Steve Lyons Gallery. (5.2017)
-As part of a Chatham Community project and to raise money via auction, merchants participated in designing land sharks for the common area. Apparantly Steve’s shark was in high demand.

Audio/Video Installation for Finding Home:Searching for Humanity. (5/2017)

“Art of the Times” Feature: It’s not just shark sightings that are bringing the tourists to Chatham, MA. (3.20.17)

Bloomingdale’s to host first-of-a-kind exhibition featuring celebrated artist, Steve Lyons (3.10.17)

Live Video from the Bloomingdale’s exhibition:

Steve Lyons: “The Best Art is That Which is Organic to the Person Creating It.” (3.10.17)

Bobby Baker wins second prize for “Yesterday” in the SHAKEN AND STIRRED: WINTER MEMBERS SHOW 2017 February 23 (4.6.16)

Click here to read about Bobby Baker’s Copley Society’s Prize

Bellus Magazine – The Rules of Abstraction, a Conversation on art with Steve Lyons (3.1.16)

DuJour Magazine Interview – An Abstract Artist with a Point of View (11.30.16)

Steve Lyons featured on Boston’s Channel 5’s Chronicle. (11.12.16)


Hollywood Alert – American Art Awards Winners (10.25.16)


Steve Lyons featured in San Francisco Examiner “Steve Lyons Makes Art a More Touching Experience for All” (10.31.15)

Steve Lyons “Freedom of Expression” Exhibition in La Paz, Mexico. (10.30.15)
–Radio Interview with Mike “the Griz” Ritz on ASOB Radio
–Preshow Press Release
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